Friday, August 02, 2013

SOS number 4 Apres Surf Hoodie

Wow, this sweater took a long time.....(over a year on and off)

I started it last summer and got the body and 1 sleeve done, then it was abandoned.....why? because I knit the sleeves in the round...and well it was kind of a pain. That and the fact that it's knit on size 2 and 3 needles... The sweater is designed to be knit flat and then seamed up. Well I knit the body in the round up to the arm pits then separated for fronts and back. That went just fine and I was very happy that I did that. So I figured I'd do the sleeves the same way. Ehh I was trying to use my Chiaogoo Lace needles which if you've ever used them you know that those red cables are amazingly wonderful for knitting in the round or flat, but magic looping with them is NOT my favorite. So after doing that (why didn't I change to my KP needles for the sleeve? Who knows -laziness I guess) so after finishing the first sleeve the sweater got tossed aside till this summer and I was determined to finish! Boy I love the look of sweaters knit on small needles but they seem to take FOREVER! Anyway when I came back to it, I had gotten some of the lovely "spin" cables from Chiagoo and what a difference that made on the 2nd sleeve! So Much better! But the sweater is now completed and ready for LOTS and LOTS of wear! I LOVE this thing!

The Stats:
Apres Surf Hoodie from  Interweave Summer 2008
Knit out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fine (LOVE this yarn!) in Deep Sea Fog, using size 2 & 3 needles
All the rest of the details can be found HERE!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bleach it out!

Sew yes (ha pun intended) I've been sewing lots of stuff. I made up this cute hoodie from my Craftsy class.  I ordered the fabric online and in the end wasn't thrilled with the color, but the top is cute! And well I was browsing Pinterest and came across some pins about bleaching tops and so I had to try it! Most pinners said this works best with 100% cotton fabric, and my top was. This hoodie was a great opportunity to give it a try!

So I took my hoodie out on the deck, and got a Clorox Bleach Pen,
And started doodling away! It was pretty fun, I had to stop myself before I got to carried away with the drawing!

Then I let it sit for like an hour (Oh I'd done a test run on a piece of left over fabric from my hoodie, you could try the inside of a hem if you were doing this on a ready to wear shirt. Also if you are doing this on a tee you want to put something inside your shirt to keep the bleach from bleeding through!)
Then since I was outside, I laid the top down on my patio turned on the garden hose and rinsed all the bleach away.

Then threw it in the washer and dryer. And Voila! I love it!

Now I want to go bleaching all my shirts! I ordered some black fabric today to make a t-shirt for Halloween with a spider web on it! My students would think that was cool!

Monday, July 22, 2013

SOS number 3 Cinnie

OK I lied...I had another sweater I finished that I forgot to blog about! What?! How did I do that?!

Anyway it deserves it's post!!
It's Cinne by Chic Knits.

I started this last year in April 2012, why did I put it down, again who knows....something shiny must have caught my eye. I picked it back up and plugged along and finished it on June 19th.  It's knit out of Debbie Bliss Amalfi yarn, which is a lovely summery yarn! I rarely knit with neutrals but I chose this tan so I can wear it with any color tank underneath. I've already worn it several times this summer it's a great little layering piece It's  a super cute little sweater and great for summer air conditioning to throw on over a tank or a sundress when it gets a bit chilly! As usual a few more details can be found over on my Ravely Page for Cinnie.

SOS number 4 will be up soon~ The Apres Surf Hoodie!

Radio Silence...

Oops I've already let this lapse..but Hey I've been doing lots of cool crafty stuff! I've been knitting (a SOS 2013 post coming soon! Just have to sew in some sleeves!) and crocheting

...but mostly SEWING- with KNITS no less! (It seems like it's been so hot I've retreated to my sewing room with the AC going!)

I wear mostly knit tops. They're comfy and when your big busted like me, they fit better than a button down top! I've sewn with knits before and done a bit of research around the net for tips...but I found this cool Craftsy class on sewing with knits. (have you seen craftsy? If not you must check it out!) Meg McElwee is the instructor and she gives all sorts of great hints and tips. Even if you are a new sewer check it out!! It comes with patterns for a Tee, with either a scoop or V-neck, yoga pants or shorts, a yoga skirt, a hoodie and a cute little dress. I LOVE the tee pattern. It fits me great! I've sewing up oh I don't know like 4 or 5 of them so far

(and made a nightshirt), a hoodie, made 2 skirts and 2 pairs of yoga shorts! Plus I've sewn up a couple other patterns using knits I had. I really need to make myself one of the dresses too! I also have been buying up some more knits for more tops and shorts...

Friday, June 14, 2013

SOS number 2 February Fitted Pullover

So here you have it sweater number 2.

A much newer project, started in Jan 2013. All but the sleeves on this number have been done for a bit. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in dusky aurora.

I needed to set in the sleeves but I procrastinated for a few weeks. Then when I went to seam the sleeves in, I messed one up...then had to take it out and re-sew it back in. Note to self: seam set in sleeves from the top down! So much easier and looks great!

All the details can be found here!

Next up is my Cinnie Sweater! I need to finish it up so I can wear it this summer! Though there may be a brief break to to finish up the heels on a pair of afterthought stripey socks!

Headband madness

So for longest time I had super short hair..then I grew it out to about shoulder length, then within the last year I've tried to grow it out abit longer. Which I like...but then sometimes I want my hair out of my face!
What to do what to do? I have a variety of clips and such, but I do like headbands....but the plastic ones tend to give me a headache plus I can't wear my sunglasses with them, annoying! Then there's those little skinny elastic ones..don't even get me started there my curly hair does NOT like those at all.

So I decided to make my own....a bit of a search on Pinterest and google produced many good choices. This site had a ton of links . This is the one I decided on. I've made thicker ones before, but really a lot of times I just like a skinny little band to keep my hair out of my face and off the back of my neck. So I measured around my noggin, and it was the same as Ashley's. So I went digging through my fabric stash, and stopped at JoAnn's and bought some 1/8th yard cuts and 1/4" elastic and went a little crazy!!
I've been cutting mine about 2" then sew..mine come out about 3/4" wide or so.

Um yeah, I've made 16 so far.....

and I have plan for more!

Friday, May 24, 2013

SOS number1 Lighthouse Keepers Wife

So Ta Dah...Here is the first SOS sweater completed. The Lighthouse Keepers Wife, This guy has been hang out waiting to be finished since way back in 2011!! I was moving along on it until my KP harmony needle popped loose, I set it aside and there it sat for ever! When I picked it back up the first row I was doing the needle popped!!! GRRR but not to be deterred again..I switched out cables and soldiered on!

I really love how this sweater came out. It's soft, comfy and a perfect little layer for cool summer nights! I do think that I may want to make another out of Lion Brand Cotton Ease or some other similar type yarn.

The rest of the details can be found on my Ravelry page! Go on over and check it out!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

SOS...Summer of Sweaters

Well here is my real plan for bringing my blog back. If you know me on Ravelry and and ever check out my project page you'll notice that I have a few....a lot....well really A LOT of WIPS or UFOs! I seem to abandon them when something new and shiny catches my eye...or when it's time to knit the sleeves. SO I am deeming this summer the Summer of Sweaters in hopes of saving some of those poor guys hanging out in project bags just yearning to be finished!

Now I am not promising that I will not be distracted by something new and shiny and run off to start that...but I really really hope to get some lingering projects off the needles and have them ready to wear come fall (or this summer for some of my lighter weight projects)

Wish me luck in my endeavors and check back to see how I am doing! (psst I may already have a finished sweater that just needs photographing to be posted!!

Knock Knock..anybody out there?

HMM so well this poor blog has been sitting forever, neglected....I set it up then off and abandoned it for typepad...then I decided I didn't want to pay for typepad anymore, tried to move my stuff here unsuccessfuly and just abandoned that one too. I wanted to go try to direct and lost souls who might still follow that one this way but I don't think I can even do that.

I want to try to revive it a bit..I make NO promises of updating regularly or anything like that, too much pressure. I have enough of that in my everyday life! But I'd like to get back to trying to at least document some of my crafty goodness.....

So if you find me Welcome or welcome back!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Well yippee! I just got the call that I get another snowday tomorrow! It is really freakin' cold here, and many of my kids don't have appropriate outer wear and they do walk. Poor Abby went out to potty this morning and she was hopping around all funny because her paws were cold. I had to go get her and bring her in because she wans't sure what to do!

In knitting news, I did finish the body of my Wicked sweater today! Here's a lovely mirror photo. I'm really happy with the fit, I did 2 extra decreases and no increases.The pocket was fun and looks so cute. I need to finish sewing the top of it on. Now onto the sleeves!I am going to make the long sleeve version. If i would make it again, I would make it one size smaller.
OH here's a photo of my snowflake quilt. I was going to work on quilting it today but I didn't!
Well I''m off to start my wicked sleeves!