Sunday, May 19, 2013

SOS...Summer of Sweaters

Well here is my real plan for bringing my blog back. If you know me on Ravelry and and ever check out my project page you'll notice that I have a few....a lot....well really A LOT of WIPS or UFOs! I seem to abandon them when something new and shiny catches my eye...or when it's time to knit the sleeves. SO I am deeming this summer the Summer of Sweaters in hopes of saving some of those poor guys hanging out in project bags just yearning to be finished!

Now I am not promising that I will not be distracted by something new and shiny and run off to start that...but I really really hope to get some lingering projects off the needles and have them ready to wear come fall (or this summer for some of my lighter weight projects)

Wish me luck in my endeavors and check back to see how I am doing! (psst I may already have a finished sweater that just needs photographing to be posted!!

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