Friday, June 14, 2013

Headband madness

So for longest time I had super short hair..then I grew it out to about shoulder length, then within the last year I've tried to grow it out abit longer. Which I like...but then sometimes I want my hair out of my face!
What to do what to do? I have a variety of clips and such, but I do like headbands....but the plastic ones tend to give me a headache plus I can't wear my sunglasses with them, annoying! Then there's those little skinny elastic ones..don't even get me started there my curly hair does NOT like those at all.

So I decided to make my own....a bit of a search on Pinterest and google produced many good choices. This site had a ton of links . This is the one I decided on. I've made thicker ones before, but really a lot of times I just like a skinny little band to keep my hair out of my face and off the back of my neck. So I measured around my noggin, and it was the same as Ashley's. So I went digging through my fabric stash, and stopped at JoAnn's and bought some 1/8th yard cuts and 1/4" elastic and went a little crazy!!
I've been cutting mine about 2" then sew..mine come out about 3/4" wide or so.

Um yeah, I've made 16 so far.....

and I have plan for more!

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