Friday, June 14, 2013

SOS number 2 February Fitted Pullover

So here you have it sweater number 2.

A much newer project, started in Jan 2013. All but the sleeves on this number have been done for a bit. The yarn is Dream in Color Classy in dusky aurora.

I needed to set in the sleeves but I procrastinated for a few weeks. Then when I went to seam the sleeves in, I messed one up...then had to take it out and re-sew it back in. Note to self: seam set in sleeves from the top down! So much easier and looks great!

All the details can be found here!

Next up is my Cinnie Sweater! I need to finish it up so I can wear it this summer! Though there may be a brief break to to finish up the heels on a pair of afterthought stripey socks!

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Pretty Knitty said...

Well HERE you are!!! Hellooooo! Good to see you back to the blog world...sorry your other stuff is MIA. =/ Nice sweaters! And headbands, too!